Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a good summer and reading some great books.  Summer time is a time for summer reading whether it is required or not.  If you are looking for a good book to keep you company  while waiting at the airport, stuck in the car on a road trip, or wherever you are; I would like to suggest the latest novel from Sarah Dessen, THE MOON AND MORE.

I have been anticipating the release of THE MOON AND MORE, and when I saw it at my local Wal-Mart, I didn't hesitate to purchase it.  Why? I am a long time fan of Sarah Dessen and her books, overall have never disappointed me.  It seems like I can always find a Sarah Dessen novel at Wal-Mart.

THE MOON AND MORE is about a girl named Emaline who lives a comfortiable life in the fictional beach town of Colby, North Carolina.  She has a steady boyfriend whom she has been dating since 9th grade.  She works at Colby Reality which is a family ran business. Best of all she lives with her loving family including her mom, stepfather (who she calls her "dad"), and her sisters Margo and Amber. Emaline is going off to college at the end of summer, and we all know that means changes.

Once you cross that stage with diploma in hand, eveything changes.  For Emaline everything changes when Theo, an ambitious intern from New York comes to town with filmmaker Ivy to do a documentary on local reclusive artist Clyde Conaway.  Also, Emaline's absentee father and her stepbrother Benji comes to town for the summer.

Theo is smart, exciting, and believes that Emaline's potential is too big for the small town.  Emaline's father believes that Ivy League is best for Emaline and wants to get her away from Colby.  Emaline is caught between the attractive life that her father and Theo envission for her and the comforts of her friends, family, and Colby.  Which path will she choose?

What I love most about Sarah Dessen novels is the charracters.  They are memberable and you are bound to see a cameo appearance from a previous novel.  For instance Clyde appeared in ALONG FOR THE RIDE.  Who would had guessed that he was an artist?  Also, you will see brief appearances from Auden, Maggie, and Esther.  What are they up to now?  Well, Esther is attending film school in California.

I have to control myself from giving away too many spoilers.  I probably said too much already. I think that THE MOON AND MORE is a wonderful novel about making life decissions.  For many people like Emaline, leaving the familiarity of home is a major step.  We w atch as Emaline reflects on her past and the possibilities of her future. She carefully weighs her options.  If you wish to know which path she chooses, you will have to read the book for yourself.

Although there are serious parts to this novel, there are those funny moments that will always stay with you. For instance, remember the club Tallyho from ALONG FOR THE RIDE? Well, Tallyho makes a cameo appareance in this novel.  "No, no, no to Tallyho."

Despite the fact that I am a 30 something reading YA novels, I can't stop reading Sarah Dessen novels. Why? Because the characters feel like real people and their stories are relatable in some shape or form.

I highly reccomend this novel to anyone who is facing life changing decissions no matter how old you are.  You can pick up or download your copy of THE MOON AND MORE from Barnes N Noble, Amazon, wherever books are sold.

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