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L.A. Candy #3: Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad

Plot Summary
Sugar and Spice opens with the red carpet premiere of season 2 of L.A. Candy. As the cast members of the show smile for the camera, everything is not as glamorous as it seems. Jane has recently recovered from Madison's betrayal, and her break up with Jesse. Jane has learned some hard lessons about whom to trust, especially in Hollywood. Jane decides that it is time to take control of her life, and decides to stay away from boys. Jane's no dating rule is forgotten when her high sweetheart Caleb is back in the picture, and her crush Braden is available. To make matters even more complicated, Jesse hopes of winning Jane's heart again. Has Jane forgotten her no dating rule?
Scarlet and Liam can finally date. However Scarlet and Liam's relationship can not be filmed on camera since Liam was fired from the show. Liam becomes jealous when he sees Scarlet hanging out on camera with other guys. Will the show complicate their relationship?
Jane makes a shocking discovery which changing everything including the future of the show and the definition of reality television.
Spoiler Alert
Jane learns the truth about Madison's betrayal in Sweet Little Lies. Jane decides on a "no dating rule" but remembering this rule becomes complicated when Caleb and Braden are back in the picture. Jane begins to wonder if Caleb is only with her to be on the show. What about Jesse? Is he looking for a second chance?
Madison hires a detective to find out who her blackmailer is. The blackmailer turns out to be her little sister Sophie. Sophie threatens to reveal Madison's true identity. Madison tries to keep Sophie's mouth shut by offering her a chance of fame and fortune by letting Sophie be on the show. The bribe doesn't last long when Sophie reveals Madison's identity at Aja's engagement party on camera.
Trevor Lord, the producer of L.A. Candy is willing to do whatever it takes for the show to succeed even if it means fictionalizing and constructing the story lines to get higher ratings. Jane discovers his notebook, In the notebook, she finds Trevor's story line ideas. Jane realizes that all of the cast members are being treated as "characters." Jane and Scarlet decide to leave the show.
Aside from the ups and downs of Scarlet's relationship with Liam, she becomes unhappy with being on the show and at U.S.C. She decides to fill out transfer applications to other schools. Is Scarlet ready to leave Jane, L.A., and Liam behind. Will Scarlet and Liam's relationship survive?
I fond Sugar and Spice to be the most interesting book in the L.A. Candy series. I don't blame Jane and Scarlet for wanting to leave the show, especially after learning the truth about Trevor. I think that this was the final straw for Jane. I believe that she was getting sick of being in front of the cameras and everyone around the world knowing her business. I found all of the books in the series to be quick reads. It took a while for the plot to develop in L.A. Candy. In Sweet Little Lies, I was annoyed by Jane and Jesse's relationship. I am proud of Jane for learning from mistakes when dealing with people, especially people like Madison who pretend to be a friend. Jane also learns from her relationship with Jesse. She knew from the media that he was a playboy, but he managed to win her over. Jane and Scarlet realize that being a reality celebrity is not for them.
Conrad, Lauren. Sugar and Spice. 2010. Harper Collins. ISBN: 978-0-06-1767-63-0.

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